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Book of Poetry

Book of Songs · The Newly-Wed

The peach tree beams so red; How brilliant are its flowers!

The maiden’s getting wed; Good for the nuptial bowers.

The peach tree beams so red; How plentiful its fruit!

The maiden’s getting wed; She's the family's root.

The peach tree beams so red; It's leaves are lush and green.

The maiden’s getting wed; On household she will be keen.

“Book of Songs · The Newly-Wed” 

Our designers draw inspirations from the poetry “Book of Songs · The Newly-Wed” for this collection. They combined peach blossoms with a mix of leather, crystals, hollow-carved effect and other techniques, adding a sense of freshness to the shoes. Bright colors such as pink and verdure reveal the theme on “youth” with an aesthetic appeal. 


Threads with gentle colors were weaved into clusters of peach blossoms, who bloom and flutter gracefully in the spring breeze. They look just like fair maidens, twinkle and smile with strong longings for a sweet and happy future. Bright colors, as  radiant and enchanting as sunlight in the afternoon, dance out graceful and lissom steps. Peach blossoms bloom in the spring but will not linger for a long time to show off their beauty or overshadow other flowers. The silent peach branches that stand gracefully on the supple and smooth silk look like gentle and charming flowers under the starry sky, giving the shoes an elegant and opulent touch.