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Book of Poetry

How gaily call the deer  While grazing in the shade! 

I have welcome guests here. Let lute and pipe be played.

Let offerings appear And lute and strings vibrate.

If you love me, friends dear, Help me to rule the State.

How gaily call the deer While eating southernwood!

I have welcome guests here Who give advices good.

My people are benign; My lords will learn from you.

I have delicious wine; You may enjoy my brew.

How gaily call the deer Eating grass in the shade!

I have welcome guests here. Let lute and flute be played.

Play lute and zither fine; We may enjoy our best.

I have delicious wine To delight the heart of my guest.

Book of Odes · To Guests

This collection, titled “Deer Call. Reed Pipe Song” — was inspired by “ Book of Odes · To Guests”, a piece of work from “Book of Poetry”. And these delicately designed shoes impress people with a strong sense of enthusiasm, hope and harmony, just like the energy that overflows from this cheerful poetry.

Focused on “deer” while adding many other distinctive  elements,these works show that we should always remain upbeat and energetic come what may—there is always a silver lining ahead, just as starlight can be seen even at the darkest moment before dawn. With embroidery made out of Indian silk and luscious velvet, this season is all about vantage style. As we add more fashion elements, we also keep the style and features of Sheme alive— a perfect illustration of the essence of “art of walking”.


“Deer Call · Reed Pipe Song”