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Book of Poetry

Book of Odes · The Love-Birds

Flying love-birds need rest  

When large and small nets spread.

May you live long and blest, Wealthy and happily wed!

On the dam love-birds stay, In left wing hid the head.

May you live safe for aye, Duly and happily wed!

Four horses in the stable, With grain and forage fed.

May you live long and stable For you are happily wed.

“The Love-Birds · Flying in Pairs”

The inspirations for this collection came from “Book of Odes · The Love-Birds”. Several feathers plus creative shapes, made by different stitches, present to you the affection between lovers in a bold and abstract way. Gorgeous and artistic designs do not seem flamboyant but can definitely make you palpitate with excitement.


Our designers used Chinese knot stitch with sequins and stringed beads to express the happiness of love delicately. Gradient stitch presents the shading effect of colors, with some colored threads brightening up the stem of the feather. The binding techniques and the Chinese knot at the top line  make the shoes all the more stylish with one layer upon another. The impressive details and the meticulous coloring blend the strong energy and simplicity together perfectly.