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Book of Poetry

Green, green the reed, Frost and dew gleam.

Where's she I need? Beyond the stream.

Upstream I go; The way is so long.

And downstream, lo! She is thereamong!

White, white the reed, Dew not yet dried.

Where's she I need? On the other side.

Upstream I go; Hard is the way.

And downstream, lo! She is far away.

Bright, bright the reed, With frost dews blend.

Where's she I need? At river's end.

Upstream I go;The way does wind.

And downstream, lo! She is far behind.

Book of Songs · Where Is She

“Where Is She · Over the Stream”

Inspired by “Book of Songs · Where Is She”, this collection adopted many embroidery stitches to present water waves of different patterns, as can be seen in the varied grain, colors and materials of the shoes. The message behind this is that people should learn the resilience and inclusiveness from water so that they can keep their cool in the face of violent waves. 

The water motif is perfectly shown through the varied grain, lines, colors and materials of the shoes. For example, the sinuous curves represent the wiggly water waves; different water patterns, presented through different embroidery stitches, symbolize the beautiful wishes in the poetry; lustrous threads and materials were used for the sparkling effect; light blue and other bright colors, together with glittery Swarovski crystals, present a surreal picture that portrays the misty and refreshing beauty of the water.