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Inspired by the Chinese painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, Wang Jianjiang (the sixth generation in his family to inherit this Chinese silk tapestry) worked with designer Li Dan at Sheme and fashion designer Miao Haiyan on the collection themed “Landscape · Turquoise”. Using Chinese silk tapestry, they designed  a collection of shoes, bags and formal attire, which will stun you with their magnificence. 


With unique turquoise as the major color shade and piles of mountain rocks as the main design element, the upper part of the shoes present beautiful silhouette that resembles the smooth and graceful curves of mountain. Unique and exaggerated contours of the counter intensify the artistic appeal; the classic handmade leather belts look like frames around some ancient paintings, bringing refreshing elegance and antique simplicity to the shoes. The upper parts are adorned by stringed crystals against a background with spectacular landscapes, creating a vivid and tridimensional effect as trees’ shadows nearby overlap mountains in the distance.


This collection’s handbags for women got the inspirations from a small hillock portrayed in the painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”.  The flap part of the bags was designed based on the simple curve of the front side of the hill, whose natural curvature forms a sharp contrast with the straight lines of the flap. Our artificers fringed the hillock design with exquisite leather  processing techniques, giving the modern fashion bags some poetic  appeal and pictorial mood. 

Landscape · Turquoise  


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