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In her first visit to Sichuan (a province in Southwestern China) in May, 2011,  Mrs Blair made her philanthropic tour “Speak for Myself, Love to Sichuan” and visited Yingxiu, during which she viewed its recovery from the disastrous earthquake and expressed her solicitude to women and children in this area. She also admired the  Irrigation system in Dujiangyan and the Giant Panda Sanctuary. On top of that, Mrs Blair paid a visit to the flagship store of Sheme in Chengdu and accepted Shemes’ gift—a pair of beautiful shoes custom-made for her.

During her stay, Mrs Blair accepted the Sheme’s invitation of  making a pair of haute couture shoes for her. Sheme’s Italian designer and artificer worked around the clock and presented to her the shoes “Metamorphosis” embellished by Shu embroidery with beautiful butterflies. She was pleasantly surprised the instant she saw the shoes, wearing them when delivering an inspirational speech in Chengdu. She repeatedly expressed her credit to the opulent style and elegant design of Sheme, commending Linda’s achievement in founding such a business. 


Cherie Blair, wife of the former British prime minister,  took a fancy to Sheme’s  work of “Metamorphosis”

Cherie Blair Stunned by the Sheme’s Shoes Custom-made for Her (May 10, 2011) 

Cherie Blair with Sheme’s


Cherie Blair Delivering a Speech Wearing Sheme’s Shoes